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Welcome everyone! You are watching Public Affairs. As always, I’m your host, Kaylee Aen. Today, I’m here with the author of “Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?” Let’s have her introduce herself and tell us a little bit about herself.

Author Introduction: Liz Pitman

Hi, Kaye! It’s such a great opportunity to be here, and I wanted to thank you for that. My name is Liz Pitman, and I am the author of this Christian inspirational children’s book called “Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?” It’s all about setting the foundation of identity, purpose, and worth in the hearts of children and families. It started with a single puzzle piece on my kitchen shelf, a reminder in my own life and in all of our lives that God can use ordinary circumstances on ordinary days to reach us, reminding us of how important we are in the big picture.

Kaye Aen: Inspiration Behind the Book

That’s wonderful, Liz. What inspired your children’s book, “Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?”

Liz Pitman: Origin Story

Great question, Kaye. I was a stay-at-home mom, and on an ordinary day, God got my attention in my kitchen. I saw a single puzzle piece sitting on my kitchen shelf. As I reached out to throw it out, the Lord nudged me, prompting me not to. For three days, I walked past this puzzle piece, pondering what God was trying to teach me. In prayer, God showed me that many people feel like they might be sitting on a shelf, discounting their giftings as junk. He told me to tell people how important they are in the big picture, and that’s how the story of Pete the puzzle piece came to be.

Kaye Aen: Plot and Learning from Pete

Tell us a little bit about the plot of the story and what can readers of all ages learn from the main character, Pete the Puzzle Piece.

Liz Pitman: The Message of Pete

Pete lives in a jigsaw box, unsure of where he fits in the big picture. He compares himself to others and fails because he’s not embracing his true self. The story takes a turn when a little boy named Will helps Pete understand his value. This tale isn’t just for children; adults have found it moving too. It encourages readers to find and embrace their special place with the Lord.

Kaye Aen: Unique Features and Importance in Today’s Culture

What unique features within the book personalize it for the readers, and why do you think it’s especially important for today’s society to hold onto the message found within its pages?

Liz Pitman: Personalization and Cultural Impact

The book allows for a photo to be added, making it a personalized experience. In today’s world, filled with comparison due to social media and other platforms, the book’s message is crucial. It reminds us that we are all unique and have our own purpose, pushing back against feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.

Audience Engagement and Future Plans

Liz, what’s been your favorite part of engaging with audiences about Pete, and do you have any plans for a sequel or book tours?

Liz Pitman: Engagements and Sequel Teaser

The most touching moments come when people have their “light bulb” moment, realizing their worth and purpose. Yes, there is a sequel in the works, focusing on a Christmas theme, and I’ve been doing book readings and signings, with more plans for the future.

Conclusion by Host: Kaylee Aen

Thank you, Liz, for sharing your story and the impact of “Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?” with us. It’s clear the book and its message are making waves beyond just children’s literature, touching the lives of adults as well.

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