Running from our purpose…That can be so easy, especially when we struggle to find our place. All the reasons fill our minds: “What difference can I make? So and so, has the same giftings as I do, and they seem to be better at it, anyhow…”No one will even know if I leave this job”, “Maybe I should start over in a new town,”…

Sometimes, God may call us to move to a new location. But, many times, leaving is a means of escape because where we are is either challenging, or in the case of Pete, he is struggling and comparing himself to everyone else, and he is unsure of where he fits. 

We stand at a crossroads, where we either run away from our purpose and the calling of God in our lives or stick it out and persevere amid emotions and sometimes a few failures. As mentioned before, there are moments in our journey where we learn from our failures to succeed. Suppose you look at biographies of what the world would consider “success” stories; many endured challenges, frustrations, and failures on their way to where they are today. What is a defining characteristic, you may wonder?… The key is an overcoming attitude and perseverance. And, when you combine that with the most critical part, a relationship and dependence on the Lord, we know that all things will work together for our good and that all things are possible with Him. 

This, my friend, should give us immeasurable hope and strength…

As we look at the crossroads where Pete stands at the exit sign of the town of Jigsaw, he has a really important decision to make. Feeling alone, worn down, and experiencing one failure after another, he takes one more look back at Jigsaw and decides to step out of his hometown and go to the next town over. The lies he has believed cloud his thinking and perception, and he convinces himself that Jigsaw will be better off if he runs away to start a new life. That could have been further from the truth…But a kind-hearted friend will take him by the hand and lead him back in the right direction. God does that often in our lives and allows course corrections if we allow emotional decisions to take us off the right path. As we read about this critical moment in his life, we may all be reminded that emotional decisions are not always the best and that running away from our purpose is not the answer. 

Pete’s Perspective: 

Staring at the sign…Moments flashed in my mind…Flashbacks of my childhood, positive and negative memories, and the little and big things that led me to this place. 


This was the place I had always known…

This was the place I was getting ready to turn my back on…

But, before I did…

I took one more look back…

Maybe someone will call out my name before I turn around and walk away…

I saw and heard no one…

All I felt at that moment were the raindrops falling from the sky and the warm teardrops forming in my eyes, falling down my cheeks simultaneously.

I clinched the map in my hands, as I was very nervous to enter the unfamiliar…

I turned toward the path leading to the next town over…

The weather completely summed up the emotions I felt as my foot crossed the line, and I found myself outside my hometown and the things I knew. 

I had no idea where I was headed. 

Lost…utterly and completely lost…

Maybe it will become more apparent as I go, I thought. 

At that point, fogginess and my impulsive decisions clouded my view. 

Looking back to this moment, I am reminded of God’s abundant and amazing grace. He meets us exactly like he does when He leaves the 99 to go after the one. The one lost stubborn sheep that can’t find its way. When you have gotten lost and completely off track from the purposes of God, it is important to look at the journey posts and Divine connections that He purposely places in our paths to get us back to where we need to be. I will soon meet one of those Divine connections that came in the form of a little boy named Will. A kind-hearted friend that took the time to stop and listen. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make an eternal impact in someone else’s life. 

Maybe we need to look up from our busy schedules and intentionally look at someone we can encourage in their park bench moment–that defining moment that could alter the course of their lives forever. 

I am so glad that someone took the time to listen to the Lord to remind me how special I am and that I need to return to my purpose. 

Your Pal, 



I am never alone. God is with me. 

Talking Points: 

Read Psalm 139:1-3 over your child: 

“You have searched me, LORD, and You know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; You perceived my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and lying down; You are familiar with all my ways.” 

  1. After reading these passages over your child, tell them how much God sees and cares about them and that they are never alone. 
  2. Take time together to ask how you can pray for them specifically. Are they feeling alone or having difficulty finding where they fit in their class or group of friends? 
  3. Ask them if they feel like they are running away from their purpose. Are they unsure of their purpose? Spend time seeking the Lord together about God’s purposes for their life. Write down giftings that they enjoy or dreams that God has put in their heart below and pray over them together: 
  4. If they are not struggling with feeling alone or where they fit, ask them if someone may need to be reminded of their worth in their sphere of influence. 
  5. Remind your child that emotional decisions like Pete made in the story are typically not the best. Always encourage them to pray to the Lord first and to see what He says about their situation before making any decisions. 
  6. Encourage your child that God has a plan for their life and that, Just like Pete, they are God’s MasterPIECE created to do great things for the Lord.


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