Have you ever struggled with stage fright or being front and center in a conversation with all eyes turning in your direction? Stares of silence…waiting to see what you will say or do—not anticipating what will come out of your mouth. That weird feeling where your stomach is in knots making you want to run and hide in a corner. 

Pete the Puzzle Piece found himself in this position when he decided to sing on stage with Sammy the singer. Desperate to fit in, Pete wanted to try something completely new and out of his comfort zone. And while there are times that God can certainly call us to do this, Pete’s motivation at this point was to draw attention to himself. And this backfired on him big time. However, we have to recognize at least that although Pete’s motivation was off, he was willing to be courageous and try to take a step. And, sometimes, we also must do that too, even if it is embarrassing, and we don’t immediately succeed. It may take practice or trying a few hobbies or skills before we truly find out what our giftings are…We certainly have to give Pete credit for that. 

Let’s look at what happened from Pete’s perspective: 

What was I thinking?…

Here I was side-by-side with the best singer in town. 

Sammy the Singer has always been well-known for his incredible voice. 

We all gathered for his concert that night, with one unexpected turn of events…

“Does anyone want to perform a duet with me?” Sammy asked. 

Normally, I would shy away from these kinds of situations…

But, before I knew what my legs were doing, I stood right next to him on stage. 

“Can you sing, Pete?”…

I somehow managed to respond, “Umm…I guess we’ll find out, soon.” 

Lights were shining right in my eyes, and I could barely see. 

But, as my eyes began to adjust, I saw something that made my face flush and my knees shake: 


Some could barely contain themselves. 

Oh, a few tried to hide it as they covered their faces…

Others did not.

The song began…

Sammy started the duet singing right on key. His voice was smooth like silk, and everybody sat in amazement as he belted out the last part: “LaLaLaLa,”…


I stood there frozen. 

Was it my turn? I didn’t even know. 

“Pete, Sammy said quietly.” I realized that I had missed my cue. 

Trying to regroup from this initial mishap, I cleared my throat

Ready to try something I had never done before.

But, the sound that came out of my mouth made me cringe on the inside…


Caught off guard by the way I sounded, I actually thought to myself…

“Did anybody hear that?”

But, in that millisecond, I got my answer.

Nearly everyone in the room was covering their ears. 

I quickly made my way off the stage as Sammy called out to me, “Thanks for trying, Pete.” 

Trying and failing…There really are no words to describe the initial feeling of embarrassment. 

But, if you’ve been there, you’ve been there. 

As I walked home that night, I tried to encourage myself, reeling from the situation I now refer to as “Embarrassment 101”.  

My shoulders were slumped, and my head hung down. I got a really good view of the road and my shoes that night. 

“At least I gave it a chance. At least I know now that Sammy and I won’t be making a greatest hits album or be going on tour together…

Maybe, I’ll find my purpose tomorrow….”

And with that, Friends, let me encourage you! 

Sometimes, in the process of finding what we are good at, we may have to go through a few embarrassing moments, and that’s okay. 

Some may laugh…Some may not. But remember that it takes courage to try and fail. And, failure is what can teach us lessons and can also lead to success. I wish I had realized that back then. 

Join me as I journey through failure, to success, in Embarrassment 102 and 103. 

Maybe you will be encouraged by the lessons I learned not to give up and try again. 

Your Pal, 


Pete’s Proclamations 

Say this out loud: 

I am not a failure. I am strong and courageous. Success does not define my worth. God created me and loves me no matter what. 

Embarrassments teach us important life lessons. And, stepping out to discover your giftings is very brave. 

Don’t let the laughter and comments of others define who you are. Know who you are in Christ. 

Scripture: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Talking Points:

1. Read Joshua 1:9 aloud. 

Is there a time you have felt afraid when trying a new skill? Let’s talk about it…

Highlight: Everyone at some point in their lives experiences fear…Whether it be going to a new school, a new church, or stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new skill that you’ve never done before. God promises that He is there, and we can ask Him for help whenever we feel afraid. 

2. What does God tell Joshua in the Scripture? 

Highlight: Joshua must have felt fear since God reminded Him not to be afraid. Even when we fear, when God tells us to step out in faith, we can obey Him and trust He is with us every step. 

3. Did you know that “Do not fear” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible? How many days are in a year? 

Highlight: Since God tells us not to fear 365 times in the Bible, He reminds us that every single day of the year! God wants to encourage us that He is there and that we need to have faith in Him daily! 

Remember: I am not a failure. Success does not define my worth. God created me and loves me no matter what. He makes me very brave. 


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Download Pete's Proclamations
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