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ignite your purpose

Do you know how important you are in the big picture? Are you in a transition where you are leaving one season and waiting to enter a new chapter, which is making you feel lost, confused, or misplaced?

It’s time to recognize your importance in the big picture as you reinforce your value and worth in Christ! Get ready to go from feeling purposeless to purpose-packed!

God created you on purpose for a purpose! You are a handcrafted original designed to make a unique difference for the Kingdom of God!


You can always count on God to be there for you. These verses are like water that will fill up hearts overflowing with the Truth of His unconditional love.

Our value comes from God Himself. God took the time to "knit you together", and you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Lord.


No two fingerprints are the same. Each person has a distinct set of fingerprints to make their unique mark on the world for the Kingdom of God.

Meet Your Guide

Liz Pitman | Author

Hi, I’m Liz, and I am the author of “Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?” and Founder of Puzzle Piece Publications and Productions. Our vision is to create books and resources that help set the foundation of identity, purpose, and worth in the hearts of everyone.

I want all children and adults to realize their value and purpose and to encourage them to enter their vital, God-given destinies.

Liz Pitman and son Joshua

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Grow In Your Understanding Of Just How Important You Are In The Big Picture!

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Download our 3-day guide

Grow In Your Understanding Of Just How Important You Are In The Big Picture!

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About Puzzle Piece Publications

We exist to encourage the missing puzzle pieces, those who feel lost, confused, or like they are sitting on a shelf wondering about their purpose in life, from feeling misplaced or discarded to truly understanding that they are God’s MasterPIECE. 

Several years ago, God got my attention in my kitchen on an ordinary day. When I walked into the room, I looked up and saw a single puzzle piece sitting on the shelf. As I was about to reach out and throw it in the trash, the Lord unexpectedly told me not to touch it. Thinking there was no way I could possibly find where this piece fit, I obeyed but walked past this puzzle piece for several days as I prayed about what the Lord was trying to teach me.

In prayer, He revealed that so many people feel like that puzzle piece sitting on the shelf: they don’t know where they fit, where they belong, and just as I was about to throw out the puzzle piece in my kitchen, in the same way, many throw out their giftings as if they are junk. God wants us to know that we are very important to the big picture and that each of us needs to step into our purpose. While praying, God downloaded the book, “Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?” And from the adventure of stepping out in writing with the Lord, the company Puzzle Piece Publications and Productions was born.

Our desire is for all the “Puzzle Pieces” in this world to realize their value and purpose as they step into their vital, God-given destinies. 

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More from Puzzle Piece Publications

Don't settle for less, find where you fit!

Discover your life's blueprint with "Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?" by Puzzle Piece Publications. This masterful spiritual self-help guide is infused with a moving narrative sure to kindle the flame of self-worth. Embrace your personal, unique gifts and find your individual divine roles, as this book illuminates the path to understanding your life purpose. Each page is a step closer to uncovering your intrinsic value and realizing your destined place in God's grand design. Don't wait to unlock the secrets of your existence. Purchase this inspirational book today and start piecing together the puzzle of your life!

  • Discover your divine worth and elevate your faith.
  • Unveil your unique gifts; embrace your God-given purpose.
  • Boost your self-worth by understanding your place in God's plan.
  • Renew your spirit and find peace.

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